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Guangxi Polytechnic vocational and technical school 2021 architectural decoration autonomous region brand professional second phase construction paper, patent project agency service (the second time) flow mark announcement

1 Project Name: The second phase construction of brand specialty in architectural decoration autonomous region in 2021 paper patent Project Agency Service

2 Purchase information announcement date: 202 one year eleven month thirty day

open Tender date: 202 one year one two month seven day ?

3 Cause of flow mark
Substance response There are less than three bidders in this bid, so the bid fails.
4 Address of purchasing unit:
No.1 Hantang Road, Jiangnan District, Nanning ?

Contact person of purchasing unit: Mr. Li, Tel: 0771-2387060

5 Supervision department: Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office ? Tel: 0771-2387086


Guangxi Polytechnic vocational and technical school

two hundred and two one year one two month eight Japan



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